Clinical Medical Physiotherapy


CABL™ HEALTH provides all the benefits of Total Body Training and Muscular Rehabilitation while avoiding the bulk of weight-based machines.


Wall mounting frees up valuable floor space and positions the CABL™ HEALTH unit so that it is both ‘out-of-the-way’ and ‘ready for use’.


  • Muscle testing
  • Movement pattern assessment
  • In-house program demonstration
  • Versatile exercise choice
  • Prehab / Rehab activity
  • Sports therapy conditioning


Utmost care has been taken to ensure that the quality of the product far exceeds its price point. Internal construction is robust, and all materials used in moving parts have been subjected to extensive testing to ensure durability.

    Its small size, ease of use and clean aesthetic combine with real performance; delivering a unique product to the rapidly growing fitness, physiotherapy and wellbeing sector.

    Available globally for purchase and distribution. Contact via direct message or via website: