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Accelerate Your Recovery Journey with CABL™ HEALTH
Unlock the Power to Rebuild, Rehabilitate, and Return Stronger Than Ever!


CABL™ HEALTH provides all the benefits of muscular rehabilitation, physical therapy and functional resistance training while avoiding the bulk and mass of a weight-based machine.  The space-saving design offers solution to the limitations within Hospital, Medical and Physio Center commercial real estate.

A compact and inviting form, linear and constant resistance is delivered to the user at all weight selections through a patented hydraulic-strut resistance.  Unlike traditional weights, CABL™ HEALTH limits inertia and mechanical advantage during repetitions, resulting in a more challenging and beneficial user experience.

Internal engineering is robust, with CABL™ HEALTH extensively tested to withstand Studio and Clinical environments.  Close stepped weight increments have been perfectly calibrated to suit rehab, therapy and moderate strengthening progressions.

The small size, ease of use and clean aesthetic combine with real performance, delivering an award-winning innovation to the rapidly growing rehab, physiotherapy and wellbeing sector.

Applications and Benefits:

  • Muscle Testing
  • Movement Assessment
  • Prehab / Rehab
  • Sports Therapy
  • Program Instruction
  • Strength and Tone
  • Core Stability
  • Sarcopenia Prevention
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